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Post  Jimieus on Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:39 pm

Recruitment is currently : OPEN

Thank you for taking interest in Honey Badgers Scrim Team, HB is a PC only clan.

To Apply for a position in HB - Simply copy the form below and paste it into a new thread titled: "HB APPLICATION: Your Name"

*Note a Microphone is required to join

# Name / In-game Name:
# Age:
# State of Residence:

# Preferred Class(es):
# Proficiency in any particular vehicle(s) or aircraft(s), please list:

# Have you previously participated in any online competitive gaming, if so please list the ladders you have particiapted in:
# Are you able to participate in scheduled weekly training ? Nominate day(s) and time(s) that you know you are able to make.

# Previous Clans:
# Previous bans/offences:
# Are you currently in or intend on joining another clan:
# How did you find us?:
# Did a current member invite you to join, if so who? :
# Tell us a joke:

# What other platforms do you play on:
# Will you attend LAN matches?:


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