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Post  Jatoba Bokken on Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:26 pm

# Name / In-game Name: Jatoba Bokken
# Age: 200* (*cat years)
# State of Residence: Total Anxiety

# Preferred Class(es): P.E., History
# Proficiency in any particular vehicle(s) or aircraft(s), please list: C Class License but I can drive HR just didn't bother to renew

# Have you previously participated in any online competitive gaming, if so please list the ladders you have particiapted in: I won the 1986 Wimbeldon Cup Mens Single.
# Are you able to participate in scheduled weekly training ? Nominate day(s) and time(s) that you know you are able to make.

Training? Time Commitments? I'm a bird baby, let me be free.

# Previous Clans:
# Previous bans/offences: Usual FanT = Hacker bans.
# Are you currently in or intend on joining another clan: Fantasy Battlefield : Where dreams come to get chopper raped.
# How did you find us?: This thing called "the cybernet"
# Did a current member invite you to join, if so who? : I gate crashed. Hard.
# Tell us a joke:

Guy walks into a labour exchange look for work.
They ask him "Do you know how to make tea?"
"Yes" he replies.
"Ok great, can you drive a forklift truck?"
"A forklift truck? HOW BIG'S THE FUCKING TEAPOT?"

# What other platforms do you play on: Celecovision, Atari ST, C64 - all the big names.
# Will you attend LAN matches?: Not even at gunpoint.
Jatoba Bokken
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